Seminar Series 2018

1. Friday, April 20th

Mary-Louise Rogers, Flinders Uni  

Oliver Schubert, Adelaide Uni 

2. Friday, June 15th

Associate Professor Stuart Brierley, SAHMRI

Dr Gabrielle Todd, UniSA


3. Friday, August 17th

Dr Tobias Loetscher, UniSA

Dr Ian Musgrave, Adelaide Uni


4. Friday, October 19th

Speakers to be announced 


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Aim 1: Connect

Bringing together leading neuroscientists and the next generation of world-class researchers.


Aim 2: Promote

Provide a platform for neuroscientists to promote their work and events to the science community.


Aim 3: Develop

Foster the development of early-career researchers and PhD candidates.


Aim 4: Encourage

Generate future collaborations and encourage awesome science!



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