The Connectome Project Adelaide

“It’s all in the mind”


A symposium series designed to connect leading neuroscientists and the next generation of world-class researchers.

Adelaide is fast becoming a city based around high quality research and medical facilities, allowing the generation and expansion of a medical precinct. This multidisciplinary hub not only increases access to leading infrastructure, but also connects a wealth of experience and knowledge in SA’s leading researchers. In addition, Adelaide has three leading Universities that cover a wide range of research focuses, many encompassing the mind, brain and its connections.


The Connectome Project Adelaide aims to provide a platform for leading neuroscientists to present a collection of their work, while fostering the development of our early-career researchers and late stage PhD candidates. The project objective is to allow principal research groups to demonstrate their research capacities, internal infrastructure and equipment, in the hope to generate future collaborations and multidisciplinary connections, and to extend their research capabilities and scope for future projects and grant applications. Presentations will also be sought and encouraged by outstanding early career researchers, or late stage PhD candidates, to assist in their career and research development. By providing this platform, we hope to connect current projects with future prospects, enabling a collaborative opportunity across all research institutes.